A holistic education for social development.


An authentic Montessori curriculum and work cycle.


A multi-age classroom allows for peer learning and mentorship.

Our School

Lyonsgate offers an authentic Montessori program
in conjunction with a bilingual environment.

ccma accredited

Our mission

Lyonsgate Montessori School is a fully bilingual, CCMA-accredited Montessori programme for children 18 months to 9 years of age. At Lyonsgate we believe in education of the whole child. We believe that each child develops at their own individual pace and that through guided experiential learning and hands-on activity, we can help them reach their full potential. We encourage children in a positive way, setting the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

News & Events

  • Lyonsgate Weekly Update | Oct. 19, 2018 Lyonsgate Weekly Update | Oct. 19, 2018 Tuesday, 16 October 2018

    Hello Lyonsgate Montessori Families,

    Last week, Mrs. Lyons attended the "55th Anniversary of Montessori in Mexico" conference at Colegio Montessori de Chihuahua. This is one of the largest Montessori schools and training centres in Mexico and the conference celebrated the achievements of the Montessori community in Mexico and their vision for the future. The conference offered some of the most renowned Montessori experts as presenters, and gave attendees the chance to see one of the biggest and most authentic Montessori schools — multiple buildings encompassing toddler to adolescent Montessori environments, with a full size sports field and farm animals. These conferences are always very inspiring and Rachel came home with lots of ideas for the present, and to work towards in the future. Enjoy a few photos of the campus below, including the Casa bee material — yes, the Casa children work with functioning hives and harvest their own honey, warm, Mexican weather outdoor spaces, and the adolescent program's dining hall and chickens.

    Also, be sure to read the "Next Week" section. There is information about school photos next Tuesday, Oct. 23, and online sign-ups for November parent observations.

  • Lyonsgate Weekly Update | Oct. 12, 2018 Lyonsgate Weekly Update | Oct. 12, 2018 Thursday, 11 October 2018

    Hello Lyonsgate Montessori Families,

    We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, or otherwise enjoyed a great long weekend together. That's it for short weeks for a little while.

    Show-N-Share and Open House events are coming up on Thursday, October 18. These are opportunities for you to spend some time with your children in their Montessori environment, and for them to show you some of the work they have completed or materials they enjoy working with.

    • Toddler Show-N-Share: 3:30-4:00 in the Toddler environment.
    • Casa Show-N-Share: 3:30-4:30 in your child's Casa environment.
    • Elementary Open house: 3:30-4:30 at the Elementary campus on Locke St.